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Day 5 Parsva Sukhasana 

Easy Side Stretch





This is one of my go-to warm up stretches and by far one of my favourite postures to get the body ready for more movement. Easy side stretch or Parsva Sukhasana in Sanskrit, stretches the body from the hip up to the neck and finger tips, including part of the lower back. It lengthens the muscles between the ribs and abs, creating space for our organs. 

As we enter this stretch, we inhale to lift and lengthen and exhale to fold, to create the space and length in our spine as we open up our side body.


 This allows the rib cage to open and our lungs to expand, which helps our breathing capacity and can help to relieve respiratory conditions, such as allergies and colds. When we can breathe with ease, we feel less stressed and relaxed, another benefit to this pose 💖

Try this when you wake up in the morning, even while you're still in bed. Really feel the side body open, allow the shoulder to fall away from your ear. Be aware of every millimetre of your skin and muscles as you lengthen up and over. Hold each side for 30 seconds to a minute. Then allow yourself to rest in child's pose.

Your spine will thank you.

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