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Day 9 Anjaneyasana 

Low Lunge





Anjaneyasana (AHN-jah-nay-AHS-uh-nuh)

Did you know? Your yoga mat is also a mirror—the way that you appear on your mat often reflects the way you appear in your life.

One of the things that my practice has taught me is that it’s much easier for me to move toward what feels good as opposed to staying present through the hard stuff. But we all need some balance in our lives, including a little bit of challenge to keep inspiring us to be at our best.


Anjaneyasana or Low Lunge Pose demands a strong sense of balance combined with a certain degree of openness in the legs, hips, and groin, all in a deceptively easy looking package.

Now one of my favourite poses to warm up, Low Lunge always reminds me that not everything is as it appears, and that regardless of the situation, it is always better to remain open than to close.


Low Lunge is a great pose to stretch out tight quadriceps, hamstrings, groin and hips, and encourages a full range of motion in the lower body. As such, this pose is perfect for athletes such as runners and cyclists, as well as those who sit

at desks all day.

Depending on which variation you take, it can also create a wonderful opening sensation in the chest and abdomen.

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