Slovakia Yoga Retreat 2018   

Finally, I took 25 of you to my beautiful country this year. I am happy I devided you into 2 groups as all of you would be too much for me haha

Every morning, we started with yoga (the first week tai chi and yoga), we walked all day long and before dinner we usually had

1, 2 or some days even 3 classes! 

Those of you, who joined me for my first ever yoga retreats 

I would like to say a big


for trusting me and coming with me to this adventure.




Here are 2 videos and some pictures from those amazing 2 weeks. 

Week 1

26th May - 2nd June

Week 2

2nd - 9th June

TIMETABLE (not in Tier 3)


9.45am Pilates Bannatyne's Luton

11.30am Yin Yoga Archer's Hitchin

12.45pm Tai Chi Archer's Hitchin

6.45pm Pilates V360

8pm Yoga Bannatyne's Luton


11.10am Pilates V360

7pm Pilates Dunstable Centre

8.15pm Yoga Dunstable Centre


6pm Yoga Bannatyne's Luton

8pm Yoga DLMK


10.45am Mature Moves Bannatyne's Luton

12pm Meditation Bannatyne's Luton

1.30pm Yoga V360

8.15pm Pilates HRLC


11am Pilates V360

1.30pm Yoga Harpenden Sports Centre

6pm Yoga Bannatyne's Luton


7.45am Pilates DLMK

10.35am Yoga DLMK

11.40am Pilates DLMK

1.30pm Hatha Yoga Archer's Hitchin 

12.45pm Tai Chi Archer's Hitchin



10.30-12pm Pilates/Yoga  Bannatyne's Luton

4pm Pilates Houghton Regis LC

5pm Yoga Houghton Regis LC

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