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Celebrating 4 years of torture in Venue360

29th May 2019

7pm Frog & Rhubarb, Slip End

We have decide to celebrate 4 years of torture with me in Venue360.

I have started teaching you as a cover for few months and your previous instructor never came back to UK... I started with one class and currently I teach 3 pilates classes. Classes were nearly empty when I started and now, we sometimes don't have enough room!

I am so happy that you enjoy my classed and I feel very priviledged to teach you and t be your friend to. In Venue360 we are like a big family! You know I love coming to your classes and you are my best students! Always want to do more, work harder, but also we know how to have fun and talk and meet up.  

Thank you all for being there for me whenever I need it! Thank you for being strong and coming back to the classes! You are amazing people!


Thank you all for everything!

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