My Pilates Teaching Style

Pilates has been around for a long time (I’m talking almost 100 years) yet it has seen a huge increase in popularity since group reformer studios opened up across London. Pilates went from being associated with injuries, old age or yoga (nothing wrong with that), to being the workout of choice for those wanting a stronger, leaner body. Some of the claims made by Pilates studios are a bit far-fetched (Pilates alone will not give you a dancer’s body) but there is no denying Pilates works, and it is anything other than boring, especially in my classes.










Every studio, every instructor, every pilates training school is different. Some instructors have a very classical way of teaching, based on Joseph (Pilates’) original repertoire. Others have brought in their learnings from other qualifications and created a more dynamic style. I like mixing these styles up and make every class a unique hour making it a whole body workout. For me, teaching pilates is all about helping people move better, feel better and build their confidence each and every day. I especially enjoy those 'aha' moments when clients and colleagues make discoveries that translate into more freedom, more joy and less pain in their lives.












As a pilates instructor my job is both a science and an art. I want to plan my class scientifically, with a warm-up, a workout and a cool-down. I also want to develop the art of engaging students—because if  I can teach them to focus, to do more than just go through the motions, they will leave with a newfound sense of connection between mind, body and spirit. 

Pilates is incredible for keeping your body & mind healthy. Are you ready to step on your mat and try it yourself? 




9.45pm Pilates Bannatyne`s Luton 11.30am Yin Yoga Archer's Hitchin

12.30pm Tai Chi Archer's Hitchin

6.45pm Pilates Venue360

8pm Yoga Bannatyne`s Luton


11.15am Pilates Venue360 Luton

1pm Pilates Corporate Class

3pm Yoga Harpenden Sports Centre 

7pm Pilates Dunstable Centre 

8.15pm Yoga Dunstable Centre


6.15pm Yoga Bannatyne's Luton


10.45pm Mature Moves Bannatyne's Luton

12pm Meditation Bannatyne's Luton

2pm Yoga Venue360 Luton

8.15pm Pilates HRLC


11am Pilates Venue360 Luton 

12.30pm Yoga Harpenden Sports Centre

3.15pm Yoga Harpenden Sports Centre 

6.30pm Yoga Bannatyne's Luton


8.30am Yin Yoga Archer's Hitchin

9.30am Hatha Yoga Archer's Hitchin 

10.30am Tai Chi Archer's Hitchin

2pm Pilates North Herts LC

3pm Yoga North Herts LC



8.50am Yoga Harpenden Sports Centre

(every other week)

10.15am Pilates Bannatyne´s Luton 

11.15am Yoga Bannatyne´s Luton  

4pm Pilates Houghton Regis Lc

5pm Yoga Houghton Regis Lc

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