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Do you want to sleep better? 

Oriental Wisdom

The Eastern systems of medicine have recommendations on how to orient yourself at night.

Chinese Medicine

According to the ancient Chinese health care system Qigong, the best position to sleep is on the back with the spine straight and body unobstructed.

Another recommended position is on the right side with both legs slightly bent. The right hand can be placed near the pillow while the left hand rests on the thigh. This position allows the heart to be in a high and unconstricted position. The liver, which is believed to store blood, is lower down and receives more blood. This position also allows the qi or the life force to circulate freely.


Ayurvedic practitioners concur that sleeping on your right side is most relaxing while sleeping on your tummy is the worst position. Sleeping on the left side is good for the digestive system while sleeping on the back disturbs the vata in some.

According to Ayurveda, quality of sleep also depends on which direction you place your head. Sleeping with your head towards east leads to deep meditative sleep and sleeping with the head towards south promotes physically restful sleep. Sleeping with your head towards the north is considered most harmful.

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