• Andrea

Last class done for today 😍

It was a long week for me, normal classes, private classes, practices, lunches, meetings, decisions, tough decisions... it was an amazing week, I must admit, but when you actually make you mum happy, that's exactly what counts 🙏😍

Since last Tuesday I was also invited to 2 weddings 🥰🥰🥰 omg oh yeah baby, I'm going to both of them 💃🎉🎂

Tomorrow is my day off, I've got my evening yoga in Bannatyne's covered (lovely Pauline will take the class for me) and all the private classes will be cancelled, sorry but I was trying to get to see Cirque du Soleil for years, and I really mean years! 🙈😜🤣

So if you'll need anything from me tomorrow, you'll get it on Thursday, I promise 🙏😍

Night night and have a great day tomorrow ❤❤❤




9.45am Pilates Bannatyne's Luton

12pm Yin Yoga Archer's Hitchin

1.30pm Tai Chi Archer's Hitchin

6.45pm Pilates V360

8pm Yoga Bannatyne's Luton



11.10am Pilates V360

7pm Pilates Dunstable Centre

8.15pm Yoga Dunstable Centre​


6.15pm Yoga Bannatyne's Luton



10.45m Mature Moves Bannatyne's Luton

1.30pm Yoga V360

8.15pm Pilates HRLC



11am Pilates V360

1.30pm Yoga Harpenden Sports Centre

6pm Yoga Bannatyne's Luton


10.30am Yoga DLMK

11.45am Pilates DLMK

1.30pm Hatha Yoga Archer's Hitchin 

3pm Tai Chi Archer's Hitchin



10.30-12pm Pilates/Yoga Bannatyne's Luton

4pm Pilates Houghton Regis LC

5pm Yoga Houghton Regis LC


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