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Teacher Training

 Taking a course to qualify as a yoga instructor is a very good choice, especially these days.


The demand for fitness instructors is increasing, and there are so many different disciplines within this field that there will always be room for more professionals. The industry has grown at a very remarkable pace, creating opportunities at various levels for interested people.


If you are interested in physical exercise, are passionate about health and wellbeing, are a people person and like to share your knowledge and expertise with other people, then you are a good candidate for pursuing a career in the fitness industry.





There are so many parts to this industry that it can be confusing for most beginners if they are not focused and sure of what they wish to do. You have to decide whether you wish to teach one type of yoga or more or if you want to mix them. Also you will have to decide whther you will want to work in a gym, leisure centre, spa, run your own classes, own a yoga studio, teach private classes, worshops and maybe one day retreats.


For each of these you will require slightly different skills and qualifications. The first step is to study to become a yoga instructor (hatha yoga is the most common and clever start), and then advance from this stage onwards to other higher qualifications and different types of yoga and meditation.


There are a number of companies in the UK that offer courses in yoga training. You can study through any of these to obtain your qualifications. There are several online courses also available that offer certificates in yoga training. 













To become a yoga instructor, you will have to have a certain set of skills and the right attitude if you are going to be successful.

The main parts of your job will be teaching, motivation and communication. An outgoing yet friendly persona is essential and you must be supportive and tactful; judgemental or arrogant people do not bode well in the fitness industry. It will also be your job to motivate and inspire people, this is what your clients come to you for. Having a responsible attitude to health and safety regulations is vital too. Last but not least, you will need extensive knowledge of human anatomy, first aid, class planning and professional behavior.

You will also be expected to practice what you preach, so good fitness levels and flexibility are also essential. Before you begin you have to be sure you wish to be in the career.



Here is a CHECKLIST to see whether you want this career or not. Tick all those that apply to you. The more you tick, the better suited you are to this career.

You are mentally and physically strong enough to withstand hours of exercise.

You are prepared to put in hard work.

You are happy to assist and help people.


You are a leader and a motivator.


You are constantly learning and improving.


You are in excellent health and great physical shape.


You love yoga


You like being your own boss.


You are determined and dedicated to your passion.


You do not mind working in the early morning, late evenings, and on weekends and holidays.








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