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Zoom classes are donation based.

Thank you for your kind support through

all the lockdowns!

Joining details

Meeting ID: 777 451 3783

Password: 0987654321


9.30am Archer's Insanity

10.10am Archer's Abs & Core

11.30am Archer's Yin Yoga

12.30pm Archer's Tai Chi

2.30pm Dunstable LC Pilates

7pm Bannatyne's Pilates on Ball

8pm Bannatyne's Yoga


2.30pm NHLC Yoga (75mins)

4.20pm Archer's Ashtnanga Yoga

5.25pm Archer's Ashtnanga Yoga

7.15pm Dunstable LC Pilates

8.15pm Dunstable LC Yoga


9.15am Reshape Yoga 

11am Archer's Ashtnanga Yoga

12.05pm Archer's Tai Chi

4.20pm Archer's Vinioga

5.25pm Archer's Hatha Yoga

7.30pm Harpenden Yin Yoga


9.30am Harpenden Aqua Yoga 

12.30pm Dunstable LC Pilates

6.30pm Bannatyne's Yoga

8pm Harpenden Hatha Yoga


10.15am Reshape Yoga 

12.45pm Harpenden Yin Yoga 

2pm Harpenden Pilates

6pm Bannatyne's Yoga

9.30pm Romeo's Dance Academy Kizomba


10.45am Archer's Yoga

11.45am Archer's Tai Chi

1.15pm NHLC Pilates

2.20pm NHLC Yoga (75mins)

6.15pm Whipsnade Zoo Staff Yoga


8am Harpenden Vinyasa Yoga

10am Bannatyne's Pilates

11am Bannatyne's Yoga

Private, some Zoom and some corporate classes

are not included in this timetable.

If you are interested in booking

a corporate or private class

message me your details.

Success! Message received.

What different classes mean

Vinyasa Yoga

is a powerful energizing yoga flow which focuses on engaging your core and opening your hips and front body. I will guide you through this all levels sequenced flow targeted at improving stamina, strength, flexibility and posture, while synchronizing

breath with movement.

Hatha Yoga

is a gentle flow filled with postures which work your entire body at a nice steady pace. It is a thoughtfully designed practice to connect you to your breath, fire up your core and stretch your whole body. I will guide you through this all level practice full of breath where you can practice to slow down and allow yourself to open up and find what feels good.   

Yin Yoga

is often called yoga of the joints, because unlike all the other styles, we won't only stretch our muscles, but our joints and connective tissues, too. This all level class will stretch your entire body, bring oxygen into your body and calm the mind finding relaxation in each asana. 

Viniyoga Yoga

is a yoga class where I talk more about the asanas, the correct posture and how to get into the asana in different ways. I will give you tips and tricks how to make your yoga practice more comfortable, stronger, better and you will learn little things that make the difference.


If a class is labelled only as Yoga, it is likely the Hatha variety. But, I will do anything you need that day, focusing on asanas, certain body parts, whatever you need to stretch or relax I will do exactly what you need. 


is a full body workout that will sculpt and tone your entire body. In this all levels class I will not only work every muscle in your body, but after the class you will feel strong, energized, more centered and will leave you with a post workout glow. Get moving and reconnect with your posture with this class.

Tai Chi

is a class where we practice what we have learnt through out the years with me. We go Practice all the forms - 10, 18, 19, 24, 32, 48, Fan, Sword and Ruler Forms. If you have never been in my Tai Chi class before, you will be just fine. If you are interested in learning the forms, please message me and book a private class. 

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